About Us

OTS West Virginia Transcription Service

Here at Orion Transcription, helping offices streamline their clinical documentation through excellent medical transcription service is what we do.

But what really lights us up is hearing our clients tell us how we have:

  • Lifted the burden off of their support staff.
  • Given physicians peace of mind knowing their patients’ data is secure.
  • Assisted in giving patients the relief of knowing the pre-certification for their surgery/MRI/procedure is NOT being held up because of paperwork.
  • Set our local clients at ease by having face-to-face meetings addressing their concerns in real-time and reassuring them that they are working with the industry’s top West Virginia transcription service.

Our eScription state-of-the-art platform is easily customizable for any size office.  This intuitive system works well with our rural solo practitioners as well as our major university clients (USC and Vanderbilt in the past, to name a few!).  

From neonatal care to nursing home visits, our transcriptionists have worked with just about every specialty under the sun.  Their schooling and experience have given them a massive medical vocabulary.  As a result, they take it as a compliment when they’re accused of being “the grammar police”. 

The Orion Transcription client management team always keeps a bird’s eye view of the workflow.  It is their mission to make sure no file slips through the cracks or goes over a deadline.  Our QA editors receive extensive training on all client specifics and work closely with the medical office, thereby ensuring every report looks impeccable.

We are headquartered in West Virginia (Let’s Goooo, Mountaineers!) and have been doing business since 2004.  OTS is a proud American company, employing and contracting only medical transcriptionists within the US.  OTS does not outsource work overseas.  We’re serious when it comes to HIPAA, and therefore, we guarantee your files will not leave the US, ever.

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