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Orion Transcription Services

Specializing in clinical documentation solutions for midsize medical groups and rural clinics

Struggling to keep up with your clinical charting?

Too many healthcare clinics struggle with managing their medical records.  Not only do providers have to accurately document all aspects of a patient visit encounter, but before they ever even see the patient, they need to carefully review their history, which could include hundreds of pages of outside records.  No wonder doctors are getting smothered in overwhelm!

Our Services

Medical Transcription

We will type your audio files dictated from your smartphone or digital recorder and upload them directly to your EHR or to our secure web portal where you can edit and sign them from anywhere.

Data Migration to a New EHR

Recently switched to a new EHR system? Not all data transfers to the correct fields during the migration. We will compare EVERY patient's chart with the prior EHR to fill in the gaps in data.

New Patient Chart Building

Before your new patient comes for their first visit, we will abstract pertinent data including patient histories and quality measures based on outside records received from other healthcare providers, as well as their intake forms.

Chart Editing for Detail and Accuracy

Better coding specificity comes from better documentation! Let us review the records and find the details that may have been overlooked and not recorded.

Orion Transcription Services is an online medical records management company.  Think of us as a virtual member of your office staff…

  • One that doesn’t come with the expenses of taxes, unemployment, insurance, and benefits. 
  • One that never calls in sick or takes a day off. 
  • One that continues to work after hours and even on holidays! 
  • One that has decades of combined experience in the field and takes immense pride in creating a comprehensive and accurate document. 
Clinical documentation is not a burden to us; it’s what we love! ♥

Advantages of working with a virtual transcription company

Multiple Dictation Options

Multiple Dictation Options

You can use our smart phone app, a digital recorder, or our phone-in dictation line.

Fast Turnaround

Standard turnaround time of 24 hours and a STAT TAT of 2 hours available.

Document Storage

Document Storage

Your reports are stored indefinitely on our secure servers and are easily accessible to refer back to.

User-Friendly Web Portal

User-Friendly Web Portal

You have access to view, edit, and sign your reports anywhere, anytime!

HIPAA Compliant

HIPAA Compliant

All data transfers are encrypted, password protected, and HIPAA compliant.

Help Desk

24-Hour Help

Not only do you get a personal manager to oversee your account, but you also have access to our technology help desk 24/365.

How to Get Started with OTS

Step 1

Click the icon above to fill out a simple form and tell us about your office's needs.

Step 2

We'll schedule a 15-minute call to discuss your current process and design a solution.

Step 3

Our team will get to work on setting up your account preferences (formatting, templates, letterhead, etc.)

Step 4

We'll set up a short Zoom training. Either we'll teach you how to navigate our web portal, or you can show us around your EHR, depending on which of our services you've chosen.

Step 5

You can now rest easy knowing your patient's health info is organized, detailed, and accurate, and YOU now have time in your day to do more of what matters!

You Did It!

Congratulations! Your OTS personal account manager will keep a close eye on your workflow and implement any feedback.

What Our Providers Have to Say

"So fast!! I greatly appreciate all the effort!! You getting [a] note done so quickly got the CT/MRI approved when the insurance said I couldn't do it. Thank you so much. You guys have been a blessing to us."
Alicia C.
SportsMED - Huntsville, AL
"I have been entirely happy with the transcription service from Orion Transcription Services. Tracie has done a good job for Retinal Consultants of Southern California for a number of years, and I would recommend her and her company without reservation."
Dr. Kenneth Diddie
Westlake Village, CA
I am not exaggerating that the chart updates have made my documentation and ability to provide high-quality primary care/preventive care for my patients much easier. I was smothering under documentation needs [with a backlog] of over 400 documents to review. So, being able to forward to someone else to update essentials has been much appreciated. Thank you, again, for your time and commitment!
Dr. B. Heather Templeton
Coplin Health Systems - Ravenswood, WV

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