EHR Review


Chart Review Services

New Patient Chart Building

We will abstract pertinent data including patient histories and quality measures based on ouside records.

New Provider Patient Transfers

When a new provider is brought onboard with your clinic, we will update the charts of the patients who transferred with him/her.

Adding Detail to the Record

Better coding specificity comes from better documentation! Let us review the records and find the details that may have been overlooked and not recorded.

Data Migration to a New EHR

Not all data transfers to the correct fields when switching to a new EHR. We will compare EVERY patient's chart with the prior EHR to fill in the gaps in data.

Reviewing the Chart for Accuracy

We'll review your staff's charting documentation habits within the EHR and compare the data with that of records received from outside specialists as well as intake forms.

Editing and General Chart Cleanup

Inconsistencies and grammatical errors from sloppy charting could result in confusion, or even incorrect treatment planning. We will clean up the chart to give it that polish of professionalism!

How Does It Work?

STEP 1 - decide the scope and timeline

We'll meet with you to determine if we'll be reviewing every chart or just a sample? Are we only looking at new patients? Would you like the chart reviewed X amount of days before the patient's appointment? Are we reviewing for mistakes? Omitted info? Quality measures? You decide!

Step 2 - determine access

If your EHR is cloud-based, this will be as simple as providing us with a log-in. If it's not cloud-based, we'll work with your IT team to set up a VPN to provide remote access.

step 3 - enjoy your organized, accurate, and detailed charts

You can now rest in knowing that the patient info you have in front of you during your office encounter is THE MOST accurate and up-to-date information available. And you didn't have to read through pages and pages of outside records to get all that data organized and in one place!