Advantages of Working with an Online Medical Transcription Company

How Does It Work?


You, the clinician, will dictate using your preferred method, whether it be a smartphone app, digital recorder, or landline.


Your audio files will then be transcribed and edited by a US-based professional live medical transcriptionist (not speech recognition software or AI technology).


You and your staff can access your reports in our secure web portal from anywhere, 24/7. You can then edit, sign, print, fax, or upload to your EHR. Or, skip the web portal and let us take care of uploading directly to your patient's chart in the EHR.

Additional Advantages to Outsourcing Your Medical Transcription


"I need an all-in-one solution to organize patient documentation."

Our eScription platform provides dictation and transcription software as well as unlimited file storage that follows a customizable workflow.

"I'm still using paper charting and need a system to make sure nothing falls through the cracks."

Everything dictated goes into an automated workflow. We can set up as many digital folders as you need to keep things organized. We can also automate printing direct to your office.

"I'm using a hybrid system that uses an EHR and paper charts and don't know if there's a service that helps with both."

We can organize the workflow so that some reports are printed and some are copied/pasted to the EHR.

"I want to be able to fax a copy of the note to the referring physician."

Our autofax feature activates once you have digitally approved the note. It will then be automatically faxed (additional fee will apply).

Saving Money

"I want to save time and money by using templates."

We are happy to incorporate whatever templates your provide to us. You then simply say "Use my ___ template" instead of dictating the entire thing. And the best part is that template lines are billed at a fraction of the normal line rate!

"I want to reduce my claim denials by having my documentation correct and complete the first time."

By creating an interface with your scheduling software, we can reduce claim denials for patient demographic errors.

"Maintaining an employee on staff to serve as a transcriptionist is too expensive."

When outsourcing your documentation, you're saving a considerable amount on the cost of employee benefits, unemployment, Worker's Comp premiums, income taxes, etc.

"I don't like paying for down time for my in-house transcriptionist when she runs out of work."

Orion Transcription bills on actual lines produced, not an hourly rate. You only pay for production, not down time.

Saving Time

"My office staff is not qualified/too busy to create chart notes/letters/procedure notes, etc."

Our transcriptionists are highly trained medical language specialists in nearly all branches of medicine. Your RN has more productive ways to spend her time!

"My in-house typist is only here part-time and I don't like waiting days to get my reports back."

Our transcriptionists do not keep 9-5 hours. They work early mornings, late nights, weekends, and holidays.

"I hate the amount of time wasted pointing and clicking through the EMR. I would rather spend that time face-to-face with my patients."

You can go back to dictating a narrative style report. We then transcribe it and can upload it into the electronic medical record. Or, if given access, we can type it directly into the EHR.

"I want a pool of transcriptionists working on my reports so that I can have them returned to me as soon as possible."

At your discretion, we can give access to your account to many of our workers to type your dictation in order to reduce the turn-around time.


"I'm accustomed to using _____ to dictate."

We can receive dictation from a digital recorder, a dedicated land line, or our eScription One mobile app. It's your choice!

"I want to edit my reports on the go."

Our eScription platform is web-based, so you can sign in and view/edit your reports anywhere you have an internet connection, even from your phone.

"I want personalized service. I don't want to wait on hold or have to explain who I am when I call the transcription company."

As our client, you'll received a dedicated account manager who is intimately familiar with your practice and who keeps an eye on your daily workflow.


"My correspondence is a reflection of me. My letters to colleagues should look professional."

Our transcriptionists are experienced medical language specialists. We can print on your own letterhead with your logo, and with your permission, we will even correct your grammar, creating a clean and polished document.

"I want my own dedicated transcriptionist who is familiar with my style and phrasing."

You will always have at least one lead transcriptionist that is dedicated to your account, along with one back-up typist who helps as needed.

"I tried speech recognition software and the results were ridiculously inaccurate."

Speech recognition for medical terminology has only a 93% accuracy rate. Can you afford for your reports to contain 7 errors for every 100 words? You don't need to carry the additional burden of worrying about inaccurate medical records!