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So you’re here because you need some sort of solution involving medical records management. 
Let’s break it down to make sure we’re on the same page and that the solution we offer will work for your specific circumstance.

Technically speaking, Orion helps midsize medical groups and rural clinics relieve provider and administrator burden regarding clinical documentation by ensuring their medical records are accurate, detailed, and complete.  This will subsequently give them back valuable hours in the day and at the same time generate increased revenue by allowing a higher daily patient visit capacity along with increased reimbursement as a result of more specific coding classification.

To break it down a little...

We help clinics save their providers’ time and increase their revenue by ensuring their charts are detailed and complete.  We do this through old-school transcription and outside record abstracting/summarizing.

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While we do have a specific niche we like to work with, that being midsize rural medical groups in West Virginia, we do have clients all across the country and of all sizes, from solo practitioners to a surgical hospital.

All of the work is done remotely, but a member of our management team is happy to meet with you in person if located within West Virginia.

OTS is about to celebrate it’s 20th year in business!  The majority of that time has been focused doing medical transcription, but in recent years we have noticed an increased need for records review and EHR data entry.  And now post-pandemic, clinics are starting to realize the convenience and cost-savings of having an outsourced remote team.

Absolutely!  When outsourcing your documentation, you’re saving a considerable amount on the cost of employee benefits, unemployment, Worker’s Comp premiums, income taxes, etc.   And you’re only paying for time worked; not coffee breaks, lunchtime, vacation time, overtime, or sick leave.  Plus, with all the time that the providers are saving (see below), they can now fit more patients in their schedule.

Well, that we can’t guarantee.  Coding is not currently one of the services we provide.  However, greater detail in documentation results in greater accuracy in coding, and that is how you can increase your reimbursements and decrease claim denials.

Two ways: 
        If using our transcription service, a provider can dictate the details of their patient encounter in just a few minutes, and then let us professionally type it up and deliver it electronically, print it, or fax it.  If your EHR is cloud based, we can copy and paste it directly into the patient’s chart.   

      If using our chart review service, we can save the providers HOURS of time a day by reviewing outside records and pulling pertinent health history data to build the chart in your EHR.  This is especially helpful with new patients or if you have a new provider that will be transferring patients to your clinic.  We can also do this for your existing patients to make sure everything was documented accurately and completely in the patient’s chart at prior office visits.

Your dictated audio and our completed transcriptions are both encrypted and uploaded to a HIPAA-compliant, secure web portal.  If our services require us to access your EHR, we will work with your IT team to create a secure connection.

Many members of our team either currently hold or are working towards being a Certified EHR Specialist.  They have experience working within Greenway Intergy, CPSI, and eClinicalWorks, but are eager to learn how to navigate new EHRs when needed.  Our transcriptionists have a minimum of five and up to 25 years experience in the field.  Click here to find out why MTs make good EHR specialists.

Absolutely not!  Every member of our team lives and works in the US, and nothing is outsourced overseas.

We realize hiring a service like this is new and you’re unsure of the long-term outcomes.  You are welcome to start or stop our service at any time.  We will provide an agreement for you to sign outlining terms and expectations, but nothing that commits you to any length of time.

Of course…Our availability is something we pride ourselves on!  You will have an account manager that you’ll get to know personally.  You’ll be given their email, work phone, and cell number and can contact them at any time.  For dictation/transcription tech issues regarding our web portal, we have a 24-hour help desk that can be reached by phone or email.

There are so many!  But to name a few…

  • Increased reimbursements as a result of more detailed coding classification.

  • Chart notes are completed quickly and available to forward to other specialists.

  • It reflects positively on your clinic as being professional and organized.

  • Decreased claim denials over lack of information.

  • Chart notes truly reflect the scope of the services provided.

  • It improves quality scores, medical decision making, patient outcomes, and medical research.

  • It helps track quality metrics.
  • When health information is complete, it can be trusted.

  • Reduced administration burden on providers and staff.

→  Click HERE to learn more about our transcription services.

→  Click HERE to learn more about our records review services.

Keep reading to learn more about us in general!

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